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Welcome to the new website. We will strive to alter the way you play WOW, and hope that your stay in our guild is not only informative, but also constructive. Please feel free to contact me via the this site or online. And to get you in the mood here is the offical trailer for Cataclysm, enjoy."><param
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Some New Items that might be of interest to you EBONSTEEL BELT BUCKLE

kestrilian, Dec 17, 10 10:12 AM.
Away from the ranting i do lol, in the maintanence period of last wednesday one or two new items have been added and a few older items have changed. I will just talk now about Belt buckles, the old ones are now NO use to you if you are planing on putting them on a belt greater than 300, instead they have a new Belt Buckle called the Ebonsteel belt buckle. Currently going for about 450G each, they will enable you to add one of the new gems. Luckily my PvE belt had the old buckle on as i did it prior to last wednesday, but take not of the changes all.

PvP FFS Alliance how hard is it

kestrilian, Dec 17, 10 10:06 AM.
I love it i really do, PvP, BG, Arenas, they are fun and fast. Considering the almost hurtful wait of nearly an hour to enter a HC dungeon, within one minute you are thrust in to the world of the BG, ready to fight and ready to kill the most hated of enemies.

   In principle that is fine, it makes for a great fun pact feast of fighting. Errr No, not if you are the majority of alliance members. It is not that the scum of the earth ie the Hoard are better than us, it is the fact that they play with PvP armour on. My last BG i openly asked how many did not have PvP gear on, stageringly i found 6 out of the 10 that did not have on any PvP armour. The excuses were amazing, in all departments, not got it, dont want it, cant find it, cant buy it, etc etc. Bollocks, absolutely crap. And I can write that on here as it is my Guild. What is the need to enter a PvP BG wearing shit PvE armour, and in effect fail even before the game starts. You do not stand a cat in hells chance of dealing any significant damage to the enemy, and in fact you are more of a hinderance than a help. Because you are not prepared for the fighting, you are simply going to die. The trouble is though you are killing the rest of your team mates and handing the victory to the opponents even before you set foot out on to the field of battle.

    A Bg is a perfectly balanced game. Ten, fifteen players on each side. If six of your team mates are not geared in essence you are making it a lets say 10 v 4 game, and that is an instant loss. This goes along with the attitutde players have of thinking they can need everything, ninja everything and now BG cock up everything. The very best players know what they are doing. They are geared for the occasion, no matter what the costs are. You would not expect someone like wayne rooney to start playing basketball with football boots on now would you. No quite simply we are bad because we do not think.

    I ask you our guild members if we go into a Raid, say ten of us, would we be wearing PvP gear or Raid PvE gear. You would not have your tank wearing cloth armour, the same is true for a BG, or any kind of PvP for that matter. Take this advice, no matter how bad your PvP gear is, it is better than PvE armour in PvP enviroment. And I ask the broader population, for gods sake think, if you want to PvP then get the gear, if not stay out and allow others who are well geared or even moderatly geared to do what they enjoy and not have to fail because you, you selfish bastard could not decide to wear the right gear.


kestrilian, Dec 16, 10 8:45 AM.
The chopper mount is most likely one of the sweetest rides in azeroth at the moment. A two player mount that sounds cool. Well i think so anyway. Anyhow, what I would like to add here is that the cost of this mount can mount up to about 17 to 19K with all mats included. We here at The Night Walkers would like to bring you an offer for you to own your very own motorbike. If you would like one we can offer you this mount for only 10K. The guild will cover some of the costs for you to buy one. Some conditions apply of course, availability etc, but if you would like one for only 10K please email me here and we will put your name down on the waiting list.

   Obviously waiting list will be involved subject to the materials being available, and of course the Engineers being online.

   The Night Walkers Guild has already helped several people out already with either gear, weapons or money. We have given away 1000Gold in prize money already since we became a guild. And this is set to continue.

PvP Teams recruiting

kestrilian, Dec 16, 10 8:36 AM.
Good day to you all, its PvP season once again, Runeblood will be looking at creating teams of 2, 3 and 5. This may not be everyones cup of tea and for that i respect anyones decision on the matter. Every Tuesday and Thursday as of next week we will be holding about three hours of PvP amongst our players. So please add your name to the events on the calender. On the PvP side of things ie the BG(battle grounds) I myself have had some interesting results, possibly because everyone at the moment in time is on about the same level. But the Hoard do not have it there own way anymore which is encouraging. I am not saying that I am involved in victory after victory, far from it, but a steady run of wins has earned me a few nice pieces of ressiliance armour for the arenas.

    The new armour is now available at the quartermaster in the old town of SW were the older armour used to be housed. My suggestion for what its worth is to buy what you can as soon as you can. You may want to start with trinkets and rings, or go straight for the armour some of which can have gems added to them.

    On a PvP note, my personal thoughts are that in the Gems case go for CS (Critical Strike) as it is really more of a PvP add on then say strength although your own combination may work for you and your character well.

    So if you want to add your name to the list please do so, and we can go from there.

PvP Time

kestrilian, Dec 15, 10 4:16 AM.
It's PvP time guildies, as the new season of PvP Arenas starts and the new PvP armour set is released we will be holding PvP fights to start with on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next few weeks. It will be the chance to talk to guild members about tactics and forming alliances to make teams. Runeblood is the leader of our PvP teams and you can contact him directly online. As we wait for him to arrive at Lvl 85 I will answer any questions you may have. I myself will be looking for a partner in a 2v2 team, hopefully my healer will be Lvl 85 by then. I would like all teams to be represented.

  Basically guildies its fun. You dont have to be the best, just well organised and work to a plan. At these times we will talk about plans and tactics and hopefully move the guild forward. As with supporting players, the guilds resources will be available to the players for armour, materials, and repairs, so even playing PvP will not cost you. The Night Walkers Guild will support and help were they can any member who wants to PvP for the next season.
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